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Jeopardy! champ adds $131K with perfect game

James Holzhauer got every "Jeopardy!" response correct on Wednesday, and won a record $131,127 in his 10th straight win on the show.

Zion helps couple with gender reveal

If you want a next-level gender reveal dunk, call Zion 👶🍼 (via Duke Men's Basketball)

Kyrie Irving wills Celtics to Game 2 win over Pacers

Down by 12 in the 4th. Kyrie Irving SNAPPED 😤

Gronk leaves his mark: Dent in Lombardi Trophy

Rob Gronkowski -Gronk used the New England Patriots Super Bowl trophy as a baseball bat and left a dent in it 😳

30 for 30 looks into The Karate Kid

Was Daniel LaRusso's crane kick in "The Karate Kid" illegal? 30 for 30 attempts to answer that question. (via ESPN 30 for 30)

Dwyane Wade finishes off bottle of wine on golf course

D-Wade already enjoying retirement 😂 (via Dwyane Wade)

Mike Greenberg reacts to Tiger Woods winning the Masters

Tiger Woods' comeback is like nothing Greeny has ever seen before. (via Get Up)

Steven Adams sets hard screen on Damian Lillard

List of things you don't want to run into: ✅ Steven Adams

Crazy baseball dodge

Wait ... HOW!? 😱

Sports bettor hauls in $106,181 on 'Jeopardy!'

This pro sports bettor won $106,181 (!!) on Jeopardy! It's the second-highest single-day total in the show's 35-year history 😱💰

Gio Urshela throws out Mookie Betts


Little girl wants to watch Donovan Mitchell, not go to sleep.

She would much rather watch Donovan Mitchell play than go nighty night 😅